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This VM Image is beginner friendly machine. The object of the game is to acquire root access via any means possible (except actually hacking the VM server or player). There are more ways then one to successfully complete the challenges.

Download link 1:

Download Link 2:

Official Walk-through…

The intermediate level machine to hack into the Bil Joel Blog.

The goal of this room was :-

>Wordpress Enumeration
>Gaining a shell using a unique vulnerability for a specific Wordpress version
>Getting root privileges using a very creative vulnerability

Initially I scanned for reconnaissance for open ports and services.

(OSCP similar practice machine)

Vulnhub Description

The purpose of this machine is to grant OSCP students further develop, strengthen, and practice their methodology for the exam.

So Let’s dive into pwning the machine and gain a root shell


Target I.P → | Attacker’s I.P →

For the initials, let’s go for…

Neelesh Patel

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