#1. Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos: Junos Operating System Fundamentals.

Introducing the Junos OS

Juniper Product Families



  1. EX Series
    The EX series is Juniper’s range of high‑performance, high‑availability Ethernet switches. You’ll see these switches deployed everywhere from the small business LAN through to large, high‑density datacenters, and also service provider networks, great performing, reliable Ethernet switch that can be used in a wide range of deployment scenarios. Using the Juniper Virtual Chassis and other technologies, multiple EX switches can be operated as a single logical device.
    Think of switch stacking using StackWise technology from Cisco, well, this is Juniper’s equivalent. The EX series switches have all the features that you need for the enterprise, such as quality of service, access control, and other security features.
    The EX series starts from the EX2200 model that are low‑power, low‑noise, one‑rack unit switches suitable for the branch office right through to the EX9200 series that offer higher performance, port density, and scalability for datacenter and campus core networks.
  2. QFX Series:-The QFX series of Ethernet switches are truly aimed at the datacenter market. They can be deployed in top of rack, end of row, spine, and core configurations and offer 10, 40, and 100 GbE connectivity. They also utilize Juniper Virtual Chassis and other technologies to allow you to build high‑performance, highly available, and scalable datacenter architectures. They’re built to offer high performance with ultra‑low latency switching for the most demanding applications.


Junos Software Architecture

What Is a Network Operating System?

Control and Forwarding Planes

Routing Engine and Packet Forwarding Engine


Transit Traffic

Exception Traffic




Cybersecurity | CTFs | Networking |

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Neelesh Patel

Neelesh Patel

Cybersecurity | CTFs | Networking |

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